Prior to the treatment, you will have a personal medical consultation which will explore your medical history in detail. In order to ensure the correct outcome, I will need to understand what surgery or treatments you have had (or are planned for the future).
We will then talk with you about your desired outcome from the treatment. What exactly do you want to achieve? To change your looks? To replace what has been lost? To feel more confident?

Knowing this will help us to work together to develop a solution that meets your needs. In addition to that, we’ll naturally take into account other factors such as your personal style, skin tone and facial features.

During the design phase I will put my make-up artist hat on and literally draw onto your skin. You will be fully involved in this process.

I will be your guide, but you will be the one to approve exactly what everything looks like.

Finally, together we will work on your colors. Depending on how natural, subtle or strong you want the result, I will custom blend my colors to perfectly match your requirements. Again, you will be fully involved in this part of the process.


Next, it’s time for the magic which is medical tattooing. The treatment itself involves gently implanting microscopic particles of pigment into the reticular layer of the skin. The special equipment used is refined, quiet and gentle. The treatment time will depend on your requirements and the treatment required. You should set aside 2 to 4 hours for your initial appointment.


Your healed result will tend to look darker in appearance. However, this will soften in a few days, the colour will lighten considerably. You will need to follow a simple aftercare routine which involves basic care of the area and application of a gentle balm. After a few days the color will gradually settle and increase in a pleasing intensity over the next few weeks.

Depending on your treatment, degree of scarring or burns, it could be that you require more than one appointment; however, this is entirely dependent on your individual circumstances and requirements.

20+ Years of Professional Experience

All treatments performed are designed specifically for you… the individual.

My Recent Work

Kim did an absolutely amazing job on my brows and eyeliner!! She invested a great deal of time designing the brows and customizing the color. The shape and color are relatively natural looking, even with my fair coloring, with a slightly more elegant shape and color. Love them!!

- Anne O.

Kim is a wonderful artist and takes her time to make sure you look perfect!

- Dinah B.

Kim is a true professional and passionate about her work. I did a ton of research before booking my nicroblading appointment and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I highly, highly recommended to anyone (like myself) who went tweezer crazy when then were younger and can’t grow their brows; now they look perfect!!

- Jessica C.