*Prices listed on this page include: design, initial procedure with anesthetic and touch-up 4-6 weeks later with anesthetic. All other procedures are priced per visit unless indicated otherwise.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Eyebrow Techniques

Consultation – $50 for 30 minutes
Consultations are free with procedure purchase

3D High Definition Brows – $750-$850*
Realistic, 3-D, Multi Colored, Hair Strokes

European Micro-blading 
– $750-$850*
Superfine, Hyper-realistic, Hair strokes

Powder Fill
– $650-$750*
Soft Background Color throughout the brow

Brow Corrections – Priced upon consultation only
Shape / Color Corrections of someone else’s work. Multiple sessions are usually needed.

Eyebrow Touch-Ups

These are approximations, exact price will be based on the work required and determined at your appointment.

After 12-18 months – $350

After 24-36 months
– $450

After 36-47 months
– $650

After 4 Years
– Full Price

Eye Defining Techniques

Eyelash Enhancement – $550*
Soft definition of the lash line

Guy Liner – $550-$700*
Thin, natural-looking eyeliner

Diffused Eyeliner – $650-$725*
Soft and smudgy eyeliner

Bold Eyeliner – $750-$850*
Bold and defined (medium to thick)

Eyeliner with Shaded Eyeshadow – $750*

(Prices are for upper and lower unless indicated otherwise)

Custom Combinations – $600-$800*
Mix and match top and bottom techniques or layer for your desired look.

Upper Lids Only – $550-$700*
Pricing depends on technique and thickness

Maintenance Touch-ups – same price as initial price

Eyeliner Correction – Priced upon consultation only
Correction of someone else’s work

Lip Color Techniques

Anti-Aging Vermilion Restoration – $600- $650*

Lip Liner – $600- $650*

Lip Blushing – $750*

Full Lip Color – $850-$900*

Cleft Lip & Asymmetrical Lips – Price Varies
Priced upon consultation only

Maintenance Touch-ups – $300-$500
If your permanent lip are 4 years old or more, then the initial procedure price applies.

Lip Correction – Priced upon consultation only
Correction of someone elses’s work

Hair Follicle Simulation

Full Head (Front, Top & Crown) – $3500

Half Head (Front & Top) – $3000

Front Only – $2000

Crown Only – $1500

Areolar Restoration 3D

Bilateral Areola Tattooing  – $650

Unilateral Areolar Tattooing – $400

Collagen Induction Therapy

Face Only– $250*

Face & Neck – $300

Other Body Parts – Price varies

If you purchase a series of 6 treatments – $1200

Other Treatments

Scar & Burn Camouflage – Price Varies
Treatment involves gently implanting microscopic particles of pigment into the reticular layer of the skin to minimize the appearance of the scar or burn.

20+ Years of Professional Experience

All treatments performed are designed specifically for you… the individual.

Kim did an absolutely amazing job on my brows and eyeliner!! She invested a great deal of time designing the brows and customizing the color. The shape and color are relatively natural looking, even with my fair coloring, with a slightly more elegant shape and color. Love them!!

- Anne O.

Kim is a wonderful artist and takes her time to make sure you look perfect!

- Dinah B.

Kim is a true professional and passionate about her work. I did a ton of research before booking my nicroblading appointment and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I highly, highly recommended to anyone (like myself) who went tweezer crazy when then were younger and can’t grow their brows; now they look perfect!!

- Jessica C.