Kim did a fantastic job with my brows. She put me at ease, is easy to work with, totally focused, and a true perfectionist. She spent an incredible amount of time “penciling in my new brows” and making sure they were perfect, and I was happy, before we started the final process. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

- Diane

Kim did a fantastic job on my brows and she takes her time and makes sure they are just right!! I could not be any happier. I have had them done at other places and this was the best job.

- Susan F

Kim was extremely professional and gave me great confidence in her ability from the start. The office was beautiful and state of the art. I am so happy with my results and would recommend anyone to go see Kim!

- Stacy D.

I am so happy with my wow brows and so is my husband. Kim is an amazing artist . It was a BIG decision to have my eyebrows tattooed. I am so lucky I found Kim and very pleased.Truly a Professional !

- Susan P

My eyebrows look amazing they were originally thin and after Kim finished they were thick with real looking hair strokes, every one gives me compliments ! Couldn’t be happier.

- Lisa L

Kim did an outstanding job on my eyebrows. She is so conscientious and caring. I trusted her judgement on the best color and shape for my face and the results are incredible. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago!! I definitely look younger. It was like having a mini facelift!

- Lesley H

Kim is truly an artist. I am so pleased with my brows and eyeliner. If you are looking for a super professional look and a super clean ( no infection) practioner then this is where you go. She does the kind of work you would find only in NYC at double the price! She is certified and works with cosmetic docs for all types of permanent tattooing.

- Bonnie M

I am beyond amazed at how beautiful my brows look! My family and friends were in love with them! Kim does extraordinary work and makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable! If your still indecisive just make an appointment, you will not regret it!

- Dee E

I had my eyebrows tattooed by Kim a few weeks ago (March 2018.). I absolutely love them!!! Kim is a genuine person who does outstanding work. She takes pride in everything she does, and it shows. Absolutely true perfection!!!

- Kelly H

Do NOT go anywhere else. True professional and her expertise is phenomenal. She makes you look and feel fabulous!

- C. Mojica

Kim is terrific! Truely has a passion for what she does and it shows in her work. If you have been thinking about having any of the procedures that she offers done don’t put it off schedule a consult with her and you will know you are with a true professional. I love my brows and I love Kim.

- Dawn C.

Kim is a true professional and artist. The results of my mom’s new brows are perfectly natural. Kim is meticulous and precise. Her credentials are impressive. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

- Joanne N.

Kim is the best, she is very professional, she makes you feel very comfortable, highly recommended. Amazing work!!!! Gob bless her!!!

- Kevin R

Kim is AMAZING!!! I destroyed my eyebrows in high school when “thin was in” and they never grew back. I went through a period of years penciling them in and I was terrible at it. I was so self conscious and not to mention what a challenge it was to work out or go in a pool!! I’ve been thinking about cosmetic tattooing for a while now, but never knew who to go to. Finally I found my way to Kim. Not only was she able to get me in earlier than expected, but she completely took her time and is such a perfectionist! I never imagined the art that goes into this, and she is an amazing artist! I was so nervous. But who wouldn’t be, this is a permanent thing on your face. Kim made the entire process stress free and enjoyable. She gave me my confidence back (not to mention the tons of compliments I’ve gotten), and I fully recommend her to anyone who is thinking about a cosmetic tattoo! Thank you so much Kim!!!

- Jacqueline B

Kim is not only extremely talented and skilled in her craft, she is also a wonderful human. She makes you feel comfortable, at home and special. I am so happy with her work, including both eyebrows and eyeliner, and could not recommend her any more highly. If you’re thinking about making an appointment, don’t hesitate for even a minute. It’s well worth every penny.

- Gina A

Kim is amazing! Highly recommend. I had a scar in my eyebrow from when I was a child. After Kim did her magic, you can’t even tell there was ever a scar there.

- Carol S

Kim is a perfectionist!!! I would highly recommend everyone to Kim. She is super friendly yet professional. Thank you Kim !!!

- Louise T

Kim is a true professional and passionate about her work. I did a ton of research before booking my nicroblading appointment and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I highly, highly recommended to anyone (like myself) who went tweezer crazy when then were younger and can’t grow their brows; now they look perfect!!

- Jessica C

For anyone reading this who has wanted to have their eyebrows done but haven’t let make this a simple decision for you. I went years without having eyebrows as a result of hypothyroidism. Every morning I would get up and draw them on. I spent hundreds of dollars on eyebrow pencils all claiming to be long lasting, water proof and so on. Come 1pm I’d have no eyebrows again. I thought about having my eyebrows done for years but I was afraid, what if they didn’t look good, would they look like nana’s eyebrows. I made an appointment at the local nail salon and cancelled the day of. Then I started to research it and I found Kim from Naturally Beau, I went for a consultation and we instantly connected. Again I waited for fear of the unknown. I followed this FB page and continued to watch other people have the eyebrows that I dreamed of having. Finally I made the appointment and brought my best friend Carol who by the way absolutely drove Kim crazy watching over her shoulders. It hurt a little bit but I did it. I couldn’t stop staring at them in the mirror. Six weeks later I went for the touch up and the contrast color to be done. That was about 8 months ago and I can honestly tell you there hasn’t been one second of regret. I continually get comments on my eyebrows and I tell everyone they’re tattooed and almost always they say “really they look so natural”. Now in the morning I get up put some makeup on but not my eyebrows they look perfect every time! Kim is a perfectionist she’s professional and assured me it was going to be ok but more so I trusted her. You have not idea what not having eyebrows does to a woman’s face. I trusted Kim and she came through big time I can’t thank her enough for what she did for me. That’s why I’m her biggest fan and I still continue to read all the comments on her FB page and I still tell everyone I love my eyebrows!

- Denise S

Kim is a wonderful artist and takes her time to make sure you look perfect!

- Dinah B

Kim did an absolutely amazing job on my brows and eyeliner!! She invested a great deal of time designing the brows and customizing the color. The shape and color are relatively natural looking, even with my fair coloring, with a slightly more elegant shape and color. Love them!!

- Anne O

Very professional and full of advices, explained me all the steps of the process so I can be comfortable and listened carefully my needs. Results exactly as I expected and so natural. I came from France to do it with NaturallyBeau.

- Virginie B

I Absolutely LOVE my WoW brow! Kim is a true professional who takes the time to design the perfect brow shape and color.

- Donna B